FAQs for DinarCoin (DnC)

Minting is a purchasing or buying DNC through contract interaction to DNC ERC20 Smart
Contract by adding another circulation supply. Minting DNC will add more DNC in supply in
the market.

You can Mint DNC through DNC Minting website (https://www.mint.dinarkripto.com) in
section Buy Tokens.

Minimum minting of DNC is 0.035 DNC

There is no maximum minting in DNC smart contract. You can mint as much as you want
depends on capital you have.

Currently, you can pay using Bitcoin and Ethereum. There will be more accepting currency
available for future.


  1. Login
    The user needs to log in to bitcoin account and ensure that user has the bitcoin.
  2. Calculate Rate
    The user needs to calculate rate price in bitcoin before minting DNC.
  3. Unique Address for payment
    A Bitcoin unique address will be generated to make a payment from user.
  4. Approved
    The transaction to the address is approved and ready to the next step.
  5. Successfully mint DNC
    DNC will be minting to the user and it will be store on the Registered DNC address.


  1. Login
    The user needs to log in to Ethereum account and ensure that user has the Ether.
  2. Calculate Rate
    The user needs to calculate rate price in Ether before minting DNC.
  3. Contract Address for payment
    Contract address will be generated to user to make a payment using Ether.
  4. Approved
    Smart Contract DNC will be automatically approving the transaction.
  5. Successfully mint DNC.
    DNC will be minting to the user’s payment address.

Registered Address is DNC and Ethereum address that you registered and record on an
official list or directory. The DNC that minted through Bitcoin payment method will be mint
to the registered address. In the other hand, Payment method using Ether, DNC will be mint
to address that made the payment.

You can create DNC Wallet Address through our open source platform
(https://www.wallet.dinarkripto.com) and generate your own private key. You are also can
create DNC wallet through any Ethereum wallet address that supported ERC20 token such as
Metamask, ImToken, MyEtherWallet and others. P/s: Please save your private key carefully
and do not give it to anybody that you not trust.

Every transaction takes 5-20 minutes to be processed. If a transaction is large (over 1 BTC
worth), processing may take longer depending on the size of your transaction and
blockchain capacity.

You just need the recipient address and make your own p2p in the DNC wallet by sent

In each transaction, there is always a sender and a recipient. The recipient’s address is the
wallet address to receive money you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy Ethereum
(ETH), in the field, you should specify the ETH wallet address. In general, the recipient’s
wallet address is the address we send coins bought, once a transaction is finished.

Each money sending process goes through a blockchain. The process requires a network fee.
This is a commission a blockchain takes from the amount you and we send. This is why it is
so important to include network fees in the amount you send and going to get. If the
amount is too low to cover the fees, a transaction will fail. In DNC, the network fee will
charge on mint, burn and sent transaction.

Physical gold redeem can be made by custodial or gold distributor only. DNC user must make
an appointment with one of them before make Burning transaction.

Burning is a remove or dispose DNC through contract interaction to DNC ERC20 Smart
Contract by removing from circulation supply.

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Burning DNC will subtract DNC in supply in the

You can Mint DNC through DNC Wallet website (https://www.wallet.dinarkripto.com) in
DNC Contract Menu.

Minimum burning of DNC are 1 DNC equivalent 4.25 gram (1 Dinar) physical gold and certain
value of DNC with current price of 1 gram physical gold.

Burning must be made increments of 1 DNC or increment of value DNC of 1 gram. The
maximum burning is depending on the each custodial or gold distributor against with their
term and condition.

If your wallet address is recognized as invalid, there is always a reason of typo or character
missing. Make sure that the address you specify matches the actual address of your wallet

As a rule, our transaction takes 5-30 minutes (in Ethereum blockchain) to be processed. It
your transaction takes longer, this might be due to a wide range of factors:

  1. Blockchain overloaded. There are many transactions pending including yours. The issues
    take place on the Ethereum and Ethereum based blockchains. All you have to do is to
    wait. The blockchain overload doesn't depend on dinarkripto.com.
  2. Approval. The process payment using Bitcoin are different method of approval. Within
    this method of payment, admin will be minting DNC to the wallet and this could takes at
    least 2 working days.